Educational and/or Research Consultation

Anthony has longstanding ties to public education systems having worked in the NYC public school system for five years and continued collaboration with public schools. He continues to collaborate and consult with public and private schools for a variety of purposes, primarily for professional development and research consultation.


Professional Development Days are designed for in-service training for schools, districts, private practices, and other organizations and are geared toward special educators, speech-language pathologists, clinicians, and general education teachers. Topics for Professional Develoment Days include:


  • Literacy Training
  • Vocabulary Instruction
  • Writing Instruction
  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Instruction
  • Language Sampling and Assessment
  • Language Interventions for Typical and At Risk Children
  • Spelling
  • Executive Functioning and Cognitive Considerations in Intervention
  • Response-to-Intervention Instructional Approaches


Research Consultations are designed for schools, districts, or other organizations who need assistance with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. This may include already existing data or collecting new data. Research Consultation provides organizations with a clear and objective eye for answering questions relevant to your organization. Research Consultation includes:

  • Goal or Question Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Restructuring and Implementation
  • Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Data Interpretation and Statistical Analysis
  • Annual Reports
  • Response-to-Intervention Data Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation


Anthony is able to work with your school, district, or company to meet goals in any of the aforementioned areas. He keeps current in his knowledge of the evidence behind professional development topics and has strong knowledge of research design, data collection, and evaluation. Combined these skills can help your organization meet the needs of an ever increasing accountability system and changing curriculum.


Anthony is available for professional development or research consultation depending on your organization's needs. See below for more information, rates, and special promotions.

The Speech Guy, PLLC

Anthony D. Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Phone: 917-612-9630


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