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Anthony D Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Phone: 917 6129630


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Welcome to The Speech Guy PLLC

The Speech Guy PLLC is a language and literacy consulting service provided by licensed and nationally recognized speech language pathologist Anthony D. Koutsoftas.


Language and literacy is at the forefront of academics, learning, and even business and industry. We use language and word and literate means through social media and the spoken and written word, to convey complex ideas about the word around us. We can all be challenged to write a report, develop a presentation, and make a speech about topics familiar and unfamiliar to us. Whether you are a student struggling in school or a professional who needs extra support for clear communication, The Speech Guy PLLC is the right person to talk to.


Anthony earned his bachelors degree from New York University, his masters degree from Teachers College-Columbia University, and his PhD from Arizona State University. He is a well published resarcher on language and literacy, with a focus on written communication.

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The story behind the name.


"While working in a public school, one of Anthony's students wanted to get his attention while walking down the hall. As typical of many children Anthony works with, he had difficulty retrieving the name 'Mr. K' and so he cleverly shouted, 'hey speech guy!' instead. The name stuck."

In addition to clinical speech and language services, Anthony has longstanding experience with educational initiatives including program evaluation, in-service training, and literacy training for special educators, speech pathologists, and general educators; specifically related to writing. He is available for educational and research consultation in any of these areas.

Anthony also works with adults who want to improve their communication skills, modify accents, and develop accents for performance purposes. Please read for more information on Accent Modification for Adults and Public Speaking Training.