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Anthony D Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Phone: 917 6129630


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Parent Workshops

Parenting is a joyous, exciting, exhausting, (fill in the blank) experience. There is so much good information available about how children learn to communicate and to prepare them for school; but who has time to find it? So, I developed a series of parent workshops to answer a broad range of your questions across a variety of important topics including: language development, literacy acquisition, and school success. 


My parent workshops are designed to give parents an open-forum opportunity to ask questions about language, literacy, and school success. This provides attendees two important opportunities: (1) to answer questions you may have about a variety of topics; and (2) to provide an opportunity to network with other parents (who likely have the same questions as you).


Workshop Topics Include:

  • Learning to Communicate: Language Development in the Early Years
  • Learning to Read: How to Support Children in Gaining Literacy Skills
  • School Today is Nothing Like I Remember: Questions about Today's Educational Climate
  • The Ins and Outs of Special Education


Parent workshops are provided throughout the year at a variety of locations including in your own home. You can host a parent workshop for as many parents as you can fit in your livingroom. Anthony's workshop style creates a fun environment in which you will learn something new about child development as well as meeting other parents with similar questions as you.

Are you interested in hosting or organizing a parent workshop?

Just give us a call at 917 6129630 or send us an email.