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Anthony D Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Phone: 917 6129630


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Child Language and Literacy Services and Experience

Spoken communication and written communication are far more related than people realize. Oftentimes children who display speech and language difficulties, delays, or disorders, will also have difficulties with learning to read and write. This is because language includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing; all of which are related and influence one another.


Learning to read and write are exciting milestones for a child and his/her family; however, when this milestone becomes an obstacle the child and family can become frustrated. Too, as reading and writing gets more complicated over time, there can be difficulties with acheiving more mature reading levels or transitioning from story writing to academic writing required in school settings. These are all skills that Anthony can help assist with in children with and without language difficulties.


If you are concerned about your child's reading and writing abilities and would like a consultation, evaluation, or treatment session, please contact Anthony to set up an appointment.

Even beyond the compulsory years of education, reading and writing skills can be challenging. For example, writing at the college level or for work related purposes. These can be difficult because of a history of learning difficulties, lack of explicit instruction, and more complex writing tasks. Perhaps you are not that strong of a writer and want to improve this skill. Adults can learn to be better more efficient and clearer writers. If you are curious about your writing skills and want to learn more about how to improve them, please contact Anthony for an appointment.